Stevens Point

Yoga Lounge

Grounded Vinyasa

Learn the basics of vinyasa yoga; breath, intention and chaturangas are a few. Start with Sun Salutations to warm up your body and breath. Take time to settle into poses and feel which muscles turn on. The last half will test your balance and get deep into your muscles.

 Starting temperature: 72-75' 

Power Vinyasa

Expect to sweat! The beginning 30-40 minutes push your intensity and create growth - Sun Salutations to warm up, then flow, balance and challenge yourself! Connect your movement and breath, and create ease in your body and mind. The final portion of class is deep in mainly seated & reclined poses. 

("Silent Power" class is same description but without music.)

Starting temperature: 75-78' 

Heated Power Vinyasa temp: 90' plus


 Slow-paced class, perfect way to end a busy day. Hold poses for minutes at a time and allow stress to exit your body. Gain flexibility in tendons & joints and learn poses to aid in relaxation and preparing for bed. 

 Starting temperature: 75' 

 Mindful Flow 

Vinyasa flow class that will focus on linking conscious breath with mindful movement. Each week you will explore a different theme to awaken your strength, energy and flexibility with a fun atmosphere. 

 Starting temperature: 72-75' 

Yin Yang 

A class that combines hard & soft, easy & challenging. You'll have time to flow and to sit each pose to grow.

 Starting temperature: 72-75' 


Different instructor each week, find out their twist on different poses and breath technique. 


Drop-in $12

10 Classes for $70


$75 Credit Card


Monthly Unlimited; 


$70 CC

 Membership starts on 1st of the month, and ends the last of the month.

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